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Annual Timber Pest Inspection/Pre Purchase Inspection Reports

Let the friendly and experienced staff at Mildura & District Pest Management help protect your investment by carrying out an annual termite inspection on your property.
As termites work quite efficiently in destroying structural timbers in your home, it is imperative that annual termite inspections are carried out to detect early infestation. If you have trees nearby, then you have termites nearby as well! Our technicians can alert you of any potential dangers around your property and test drill high risk trees if necessary for a termite nest.

An Annual Inspection includes:

  • All our technicians are fully licensed and experienced in the pest control industry
  • Our technicians are more than happy to discuss any pest related queries you may have in regards to your property.
  • A free quote for a preventative or remedial termite treatments.
  • Latest thermal imaging camera available.

Prevention is better than cure!

If your neighbours have had termite problems, or you suspect you are in a termite prone area it is a must to obtain a pest inspection. The cost of such an inspection is miniscule in comparison with the cost of repairs your house may need after an all-out termite assault.

I don’t have termites. Do I need to have an Inspection?

We highly recommend that an annual termite inspection is carried out at your property. As the family home for the most people will be their biggest investment that they will ever make and no one wants to see their home destroyed by termites.

In many cases termites will damage concealed areas, only making themselves shown after already starting to do damage. Our trained technicians use the latest equipment to inspect and detect these problems.

Most pre construction treatments now require an annual inspection to be carried out to keep the warranty.


My house is on a concrete slab, is it still at risk for a termite attack?

Termites only need a gap of 1.6mm in a concrete slab, around water or waste pipes through the slab to enter your home and attack structural timbers. Also, houses on a concrete slab are harder to treat for termites as internal drilling may be required through the slab